We are thrilled to announce the release of Remake’s 2021 Fashion Accountability Report. Our second annual industry report, based on consultations with 14 experts, scores 60 fashion companies across 6 key areas. This year, we added new metrics, raising our point scale to 150 and incorporating three major spotlight issues into our assessment of each brand.

Read the 2021 Remake Fashion Accountability Report

We hope Remake’s Accountability Report serves as a wake-up call and a roadmap for systemic change in the fashion industry. We do not see this report as a ranking of brands that have “passed” or “failed,” but as a measure of which companies are accepting and addressing their impact on the planet and people. We see glimmers of change, and the potential for a real shift in the coming years should brands choose to step up and address key environmental and labor justice issues head on, as some of the companies we assessed are already beginning to do.

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