Remake is a non-profit organization on a mission to change the fashion industry’s harmful practices on people and our planet.

The fashion industry is full of problems like wage-theft and pollution. Remake has solutions. Discover better brands, educational materials, and curated stories to help better understand the issues being faced and how to take part in the solution.

Your donation will help save lives by fueling brand transparency research and supporting groundbreaking advocacy campaigns that ensure garment workers are paid a living wage. Be a part of Remake’s Movement by holding brands accountable for their environmental impact and labor injustices by donating today.

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Through your donations, we’re able to educate the public, engage in brand dialogue, and help pass game-changing legislation. All contributions go directly towards growing our three pillars of action: Education, Transparency & Advocacy

Our Education Impact

  • Our Ambassador community is 1,000 change-makers strong with 13 Community Organizers across the globe, including: Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Amsterdam.
  • We built 20 university partnerships with institutions including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, University of Missouri, Columbia University, California College of the Arts, University of Austin, Penn State University, and Golden Gate University.
  • We launched the Ambassador Hub, a space for our change-makers to network, connect, and share resources. 
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Our Transparency Impact

  • We provided ratings on 60 of the largest mall and luxury fashion brands to help our citizen community #wearyourvalues and hold brands accountable.
  • We centered fashion’s impacts on people and our planet in over 350 press hits.
  • We hosted over 45 events that deepened community, made noise, and brought change to the industry.
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Our Advocacy Impact

  • We led the viral #PayUp campaign to unlock $22 billion in unpaid contracts during the pandemic.
  • We mobilized 270,000 citizen signatures and built a network of 30 civil society organizations to  protect the women who make our clothes across Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and Ethiopia during COVID-19. 
  • We helped build a 130-strong sustainable business coalition to pass the Garment Worker Protection Act and ensure 45,000 garment makers are paid fairly in California. 
  • We campaigned for the extension and expansion the Bangladesh Accord, a binding agreement that has extended life-saving workplace safety to 2.5 million garment workers
  • We rallied businesses and citizens around the Garment Worker Protection Act, a California bill that declares joint liability for fashion brands in ensuring that garment makers are being paid at least a minimum wage for their work.

Because of you support, we have had an outsized impact during the pandemic.

Give today to double your impact with the Martini Match so we can continue to disrupt the status quo.

#GiveYourValues and let’s change fashion together.

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